What does abundant life look like? Part 6

April 13, 2011

(NASB, John 10:10)   “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Here is a simplified look at what an abundant life might look like.

Love.  An abundant life has an overabundance of love.  And not just for the pretty people in your life.  Love is an outflow of who we become.  It becomes a descriptor, an adjective defining those of of who have received God’s abundance.

Joy. An abundant life is joyful even when it is not happy…or prosperous…or healthy…

Peace.  I could always handle being a peaceful person when life was under control.  Living at peace when the world is falling apart is a whole different animal.  I can understand how in one manner I could live at peace under my own power, and in the other, it is only possible as I bear spiritual fruit.  The abundance of Christ brings peace.

Patience.  I  think it is interesting the order in which these temperaments are listed, because it also seems to me to be the way they these moral fibers are woven through our lives.  As we grow in peace, we almost automatically grow more patients, and vice-versa.  When we stop being impatient with people we become more at peace.  I remember a time when patience would be a word that described me, and I remember a season when I was not a good example of a patient person.  I liked the former me better, and so did others.

Kindness.  Be good.  Be nice.  Be kind.

Goodness.   Be nice.  Be kind.  Be good.

Faithfulness.  Horton (the elephant) must have been growing the fruits of the spirit.  An abundant life is able to hang in there for others.  I have some friends with this gift, that I can hardly understand sometimes.  Their faithfulness brings me to tears.

Gentleness.  ok.  I can be gentle, sometimes.  Other times I know it is only because of the Spirit alive in me that I can respond properly.

Self Control   OK! (Just kidding.)  This is something (for me) that is a true sign of the Spirit bearing fruit.  And yes, injustice must also be met with in gentleness and self-control, or we may fall into vigilante-ism, or pride in our own good deeds.

The Fruits of the Spirit are an outgrowth of God’s abundance in our lives – in our spirits – and can defeat the one who steals, kills and destroys.


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