Hair cutting injuries

April 2, 2011

Life’s a dangerous proposition.  Heck, just getting a haircut can kill you.  Diane uses these really small, really sharp scissors that she could push right into my ear and inherit my wealth instantly if I complain at all about her slow, methodical hair cutting technique.  I have a forest growing out of my ears (I have more ear hair than chest hair).  Her attempts at making me look (more) human almost always ends up leaving me with at least one ear filled with a little pool of blood and thoughts of a pair of orange scissors handles protruding from the side of my head.

So imagine my surprise when we finished my last hair cut (through which I sat obediently, just like a six-year-old) without a cut on nick anywhere well anywhere on me.

My barber cut herself, which is no easy feat I can tell you.  A momentary lapse in concentration must be the culprit.

This walk with Jesus is not guaranteed to be safe either.  No He’s not going to stick us with a sharp object, but he will do everything possible to get us to agree with him and to follow him.  I just finished reading the book of Jeremiah, although I live under the New Covenant, not the old, we learn a lot about God from reading the Old Testament.  Throughout the book Jeremiah continually says to the people, in essence, “leave your old, “little g” gods behind, return to your “big G” God, who can and will answer your prayers.  Abandon practices you know don’t work, repent and return to the God who loves you and will lead you down Right Paths.

But they didn’t return.  It’s almost as if they were daring God to stick them with the Fiskars, When he is offering them a life of joy and abundance.

Of course we don’t do that, do we?

At least on a certain level God has made a similar, only better, “offer” to us.  “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  (John 10:10)   So we can choose to be victims or victors.  And we regularly, if not consistently choose the thief; the scissors wielding destroyer.

I will take the abundant life, thank you very much, and I give you permission to remind me of that if it looks as if I am making a deal with the devil.

I’m reading about mind battlefields these days, and hopefully will learn  (or be reminded of) useful strategies for staying the course.  Because this is more serious than a small hair cutting injury.  I think it begins and ends with trusting God, believing Jesus, then walking in obedience.  Injuries are still possible, but nothing life (or soul) threatening.  Abundant life isn’t risk free.  Like a great haircut, perfection takes trust. As we cooperate with him, he creates something special in and through us.


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