Thoughts on A Book I Haven’t Read.

March 24, 2011

I haven’t read Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins. if anyone wants to send me a copy I promise to read and blog about it, but maybe that’s not really the point at all.

Now a great debate is raging whether Rob Bell is a hero or heretic, when none of us really know all that much about anything. Simply from living, reading God’s Word and thinking, there are a few very minor points I would like to make..

1.  God is good.  He is good to me, and good to you.  Gooder than we deserve.

2.  God loves us.  He loved me when I was far from him, and when I was very close to him.  He loves me today.  You too.  More than we deserve.

3. God’s grace is far beyond anything I can understand, but I am a joyful recipient. Grace greater than I deserve.

4.  If we do not share the Goodness. Love and Grace of God with as many as we can, both we and they miss something very important.

Are we all agreed on those simple truths?  If not let’s talk sometime.  Soon.  Now here is a very small amount of speculation that comes from reading The End of The Book and my understanding of of things that only comes from my pre-mortem,  in-body, totally natural (as opposed to supernatural) human way of thinking.

A.  In the end God wins.  I want to be on HIS side.

B.  Since He wins, I think there will be more on the winning team than on the loosing team.  Nothing to support that than one of many factors that determines who wins from elementary gym class.  Even if he is burning in the lake of fire, Satan can’t have the satisfaction, that he at least took more people down than God saved.  That just doesn’t’ make sense from my eight-year-old or from my fifty-something idea of winning or losing.  I want to be on HIS side.

C.  I get to be on the winning side because I was given a choice.  By the One filled with Goodness, Grace, and Love.  Everyone gets to choose.  I want to be on HIS side.  I AM!

Will you be joining us?  I truly hope so.  Which reminds me of one final point.

D.  I have HOPE! And Hope does not disappoint us.

Oh, yeah, and in the end Love Wins! Don’t forget that!


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