ways to praise

March 6, 2011

There’s an artist who can render upon a canvas a perfect replica, although two-dimensional, of a perfect morning,  who can toss a pot or carve an oak  stump,  and then leave to teach kindergarten children how to make a mess of her and them and the paper with finger paint, knowing  that in each medium a gift is given to One Who Paints the Morning Skies.

There’s an accountant who can account for every penny, can excuse a “frivolous” expenditure because it is to help someone get closer to God; at the same time this bean counter gets frustrated  when an allowable expense is used for nothing other than personal puffery. But the accountant does it all with a heart for the One Who Counts The Stars, and puts them in their place..

There’s a musician who helps lead a worshiping throng of teens in a SHOUT to the Lord, then teaches his child how to hold the guitar as she strums out two-thirds of a chord, and sings “a bit pitchy.” Both songs are being sung to the One Who Sang The Universe Into Existence.

There’s a laborer who builds, maybe this week it’s kitchen cabinets that everyone will see, but maybe it’s a medicine cabinet for a blind man; but he builds each with the care and perfection of a craftsman working for the Carpenter.

There’s a writer whose prose gives prosperity and whose verse gives vision.  The writer’s block is a stepping stone to Kindle , Nook,  Kobo or Alex, but in her free time this writer teaches children how to read, how to learn, how to live.  And each sentence is an offering to the One Who Wrote His Name on her heart.

There’s an actor who can bring you to tears of joy or sorrow with a turn of a phrase; a cop who looks the other way at misdemeanors of mischief but not of mayhem; a gardener who sows seeds of beauty as well as bounty;  a truck driver who stops to help a distressed driver; a, well, I could go on and on.

There are more ways to worship than with music, though music works well for me most of time.  There are more ways to praise than there are languages, than there are churches, then there are voices.  But that doesn’t mean that God is not pleased when I raise my voice or my muscles or my mind to join the chorus.


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