Writing for pay.

March 2, 2011

I’ve been working on a writing project that might actually pay me.  If they don’t reject me, which is certainly possible and certainly within their rights.  I proof read these posts, but I’ll bet there are still misspelled words and incomprehensible sentences everywhere.  I am sure the beginning of the assignment I sent in earlier today is some of my worst stuff ever.  Oh, they were proofread so my misspellings have been caught, but my proofreader loves me too much to see me cry.  (Again.)

My hope is that this little blog helps me stay fresh, stay in touch, and stay relevant.  I’m not always to sure of that.  I try to be instructive, or at least allow you both to think a bit.  But after spending way too much time writing lessons that would normally take me a couple of hours, I realize that writing about what I want to write about does not keep me in practice for writing about what needs to be written about.  It doesn’t stretch me like a specific assigned writing  projects.

So, to help me get caught back up on skilled writing I have a request of you, both of my readers.  Give me an assignment.  It can be a topical suggestion, it can be a question, a rant or a wish. I will write a post on every single suggestion I get. I won’t reveal who posted the challenge unless you want me to, and I won’t tell you that I am writing as an assignment.  See if you can figure which ones are assigned and which ones are from my own wanderings and ramblings.

This may seem silly to you, but I really believe it will help keep my thinking, if not my writing, fresh. Maybe it will wake my brain, it might even attract a few more readers.

Simply click on the “Leave a comment” section on the bottom of this page, or for complete anonymity send me an email at timndianemiller@aol.com.

I appreciate your help. 


3 Responses to “Writing for pay.”

  1. Diane said

    Please don’t be so tough on yourself. 🙂

    BTW….I *love* that photo…..I could gaze on that all day.

  2. Marcia said

    I just got back from an amazing vacation with my daughter. I challenge you to write about your most memorable vacation, good or bad.

  3. Sue said

    In my Puppies’ obedience class, the first and foremost thing we are taught, the foundation for all our lessons is how to get Puppy’s undivided attention. It’s so much fun! Would you write about some possible ways God gets our attention and the importance of the same. Thanks!!

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