a lasting impression

February 26, 2011

We have a blanket chest in our living room.  Made of solid 1″ cherry boards, it’s pretty heavy.  Fill it with blankets and linens and it’s really heavy.  I don’t know how Diane got it home from the wood shop where she made it.  When cleaning the house, I sometimes move the beautiful beast, and when I do, there are deep dents in the carpet; I don’t think they will ever come out.  These dents were made from a long-term relationship between a large, dense object and a resilient one.

Our cats go up and down the stairs multiple times a day.  When being chased, Poppy takes whatever route will get her up or down the fastest.  But most trips are taken up (and down) the left side of the stairway, closest to the wall.  I don’t know why, I am simply observing.  It seems that Lily, always leads with the same paw, so her little (I only say little because she might be reading this latter) body makes a tiny little impression on the carpet.  But she and her sister and step-brother have ascended and descended the stairs thousands of times in the past ten years and it seems they always take the same route.  And even in their tininess they have left an impression  in the carpet.  These dents were made from a long-term relationship between small light, objects and a resilient one.

Either way, eventually the resilient one has a lasting impression made upon it.  We can and do make lasting impression some intentional, some not.  Even a two-ounce bird leaves an impression in the snow, just imagine what our words can do.

If we want to make an impression on someone we can use a club (The blanket Chest)  or we can use a feather (the cat).  A slight, repeated slow nudge in the right direction is so much more influential that a whack on the side of the head.  Love over time works, almost always.  Blunt force, while leaving an impression does not leave a positive mark.

We may not think anything of it, but the constant poking and jabbing of a complainer will leave a dent eventually.  Constantly touching on sensitive subjects just to get a reaction or cause a stir will eventually leave a sore spot.

Conversely, whispering words of wisdom and warmth will make a mark as well.  Speaking grace and gratitude into your friends will leave them with a soft spot for you; in their heart.  Heaping words of hope will leave people, well it will leave them hopeful.  Smiling at others will leave dimples in their life.

We have the privileged of deciding what kind of marks we want to leave on others.  When thinking of your kids, remember, the marks will last a long, long time.

Make the wise choice, make a good impression.


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