Brain Sprains are rare

February 25, 2011

I’m a pretty good painter.  Not an artist, I paint walls and trim.  Today I spent over seven hours painting and I didn’t spill a drop.  I am careful, competent, and clean.

I am also sore.  Cleaning up after my day I counted a dozen sore spots.  Inside right index finger,  outside right middle  in two places, right wrist, left index finger, left shoulder, right foot, right shin, lower back, neck, & both hands. ( I paint ambidextrously.)

Most of the soreness comes from lack of use, some comes from prep work involving taking down a wall (on purpose.)   But the point is, if I don’t paint regularly (or do some other kind of physical activity) my unused-to-the-stress parts will be sore.

There are physical things I do almost every day.  I walk many miles each week, so I rarely suffer from fatigue or muscle soreness from walking.  I do lots of push-ups, I won’t tell you how many, you wouldn’t believe me, I don’t look like a strong man.  But, except for the days when I add to my total, the soreness rarely lasts for more than a few minutes.  Regular exercise prevents extended soreness.  Fatigue is best eliminated by gradually increasing you work load.

Now, my brain and my soul don’t ache after extended times in the Word of God, but I think we can experience other symptoms for only occasionally prying apart the pages of Scripture.  But the more I read, the easier it is to read more.  The more I work at practical application, the more I can apply, and the more quickly I can apply it.

Diane and I have been reading a book about the Holy Spirit.  Interestingly, as we have expanded our thinking about the Third Person of The Trinity, we both seem to be hearing from him more regularly.

Spiritual growth mirrors physical growth is so many ways.  Developing personal spiritual disciplines takes work, it takes discipline for crying out loud.  If it was easy it wouldn’t provide anything of value.  Nothing of value comes easy.  Whether mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, or relational, the good stuff costs somebody something.  Junk is almost always cheap, unless you go to a junk shop.  If you want to write a novel you better start with a good short story, if you want to run a marathon you’d better be able to finish a 5k.  If you want to play the next big guitar solo, you’d better work on your callouses a while.  If you want to be spiritually astute, you’d better spend time with God and with his Word.

It’s not rocket science,  but without getting into the laws of science and metaphysics, (Perhaps ever Karma, but I’m not totally convinced)  I think we can agree that what we put into something, (time, effort, energy, resources) determines what we get out.

So, I really don’t want a brain sprain of a sore soul, but I think I’ll spend a bit more time in the mental and spiritual gymnasiums and see what kind of mental muscles and spiritual strength I can develop.


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