What do you see when the snow melts?

February 14, 2011

What do you see when the snow melts?

Do you see turds: deer, dog, rabbit.  sticks: maple, willow,birch.   mud:  silt, clay ,sand, grit, gravel and grime.

Do you see the partial newspapers, discarded or lost mail, boxes, garbage can lids, Christmas decorations, piles of birdseed, the occasional  remains of a creature, individual unmatched gloves and mittens, buttons, plastic bags, lots of plastic bags, some with turds.

More turds.

Or do you see  New life: Budding branches, stems reaching through the softening earth, primrose, already in flower, daffodils sneaking their way to the surface.  Signs of life in the soil, in the leaves and in the air.  The place where tomatoes will soon be planted, where carrot seeds will be sown, where the Impatiens will thrive.  Do you see new places to play, to poke, prod and explore?

Do you see snow covering the plants, of do you see plants peeking through the snow?  Sometimes it’s just a matter pf perspective.

In an earlier post, I quoted the opening lines of A Tale Of Two Cities.  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”    As we watch the snow melt (knowing it’s not permanent, but neither is the snow permanent) we can see the mess or the miracles, the detritus and debris, or the expectation and enchantment.  The mud, or the mud pies!

The first list is all there, in abundance, but it won’t stay.  Some of it will have to be picked up, but some will simply follow the laws of thermodynamics.  Some of the hopes and promises of spring remain to be seen, but they are there, nonetheless.  Look for them.  They are there to be found.  Even if they are covered again for a time by the snows still to come.

Look forward with hope and expectation.  You won’t be disappointed.

All photographs used in this blog (not just today’s post) are taken by the talented and creative Diane Miller.


One Response to “What do you see when the snow melts?”

  1. Ukash said

    impressed, great, thanks.

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