Why should this surprise anyone?

February 11, 2011

One of the big headlines on one of the big Web Browsers today (MSN) was this:  “Alcohol kills more than TB or violence”*

This was followed up with,  “Alcohol is the world’s leading risk factor for males aged 15-59, causing nearly 4 percent of deaths worldwide…”*

Think about it for a minute.  All the (deserved) hype and hoopla over stopping AIDS, alcohol kills way more people.  We can get a vaccine for TB, but there is no cure for stupidity.  I know I should not put stupidity in the same sentence with alcohol, because many of the people killed in alcohol related “accidents” are smart sober victims.  But they are victims of drunken stupidity.

You may think I am on a soapbox here, but that’s only because I am.  Diane and I were involved in youth ministry for years, and during the entire time, guess what was the major cause of teen deaths.  You got it.  Alcohol.  Still is today, moms and dads.    We are killing four percent of our population each year because we cannot, regardless of how carefully the request is put on the beer commercials during the Super Bowl, drink responsibly. I really don’t know what that phrase “drink responsibly” even means because I have met so few people who do. I rarely see anyone buying a six-pack, but every time I am in the store I see someone buying multiple cases.  Drunken stupidity. 

Way too many judges and attorneys have drinking problems to think they even want to solve the problem let alone have the resources to actually do something.  Call attorney Sam Maslin, I’m sure he will make it all go away.

Does this sound personal?  You bet it is.  My dad had 14 brothers and sisters.  They are all dead, with most,  alcohol was at least a contributing factor.  I have almost lost two brothers because of alcohol.  It is personal.  My faith is not the main reason I think this is such an abomination.  It is as much a social issue as it is a religions one.  I have read, and believe that 80% of children of alcoholics will themselves become alcoholics if the choose to drink.  That fact stopped me way before the Wesleyan Discipline did.  So if you have a drinking problem (I know it couldn’t possibly be you.) your sons and daughters will too.  Unless you do something now.  No, preaching won’t do it, but quitting will.

The only way we will stop killing 4% of our children and parents every year is if we stop nodding when Jose Cuervo tells is to be responsible and actually choose to be responsible.

Jesus changed water into wine, so I know that wine is not the problem.  The problem is that we don’t pay attention to simple common sense.  We all deserve a drink now and then right?  It won’t affect me. As long as we make excuses for ourselves and the people we love we will continue killing ourselves and the people we love.

End of rant. But not the end of the story.  Share yours by clicking the comment or share button below.


*Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters


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