He doesn’t

February 10, 2011

I am going to start right off and say that I am not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan.  I’m not a big fan of hardly anyone. (OK there is that Diane What’s-her-name)  But neither am I one who goes out of his way to criticize or demean Miss Lohan.  Like an anti-paparazzi, I do not spend most of my time wondering what stars are having for breakfast.  Most of the time celebrities fly under my radar.  But a headline on the internet caught my attention today, and I gave it a moments notice.  Apparently some time between Lindsay’s arrest, arraignment and bond-posting, her mother was heard saying, ” God has a big plan for Lindsay Lohan.”  I’m glad she feels that way, and I hope she helps here daughter find the way.

But in the mean time, the mean-spirited “reporter” at Popeater.com said that he thinks, “God has a lot more important things on his mind.”
He doesn’t.

Luckily for Lindsay and for you and me, He doesn’t.

Not that we’re so all-fired important.  It’s just that he loves us so much that he is constantly (In our frame of reference within the time-space continuum that we occupy. I don’t really think there is a “constantly” from His perspective.  After all the great I AM just IS!   But I digress.) He loves us so much that he will do almost anything to get us back into relationship with Him where we can fulfill His Big Plans for us.

While there are certainly many things God could be “spending his time on, for some reason or other we are the ones he died for.  So if you think God has something more important on his mind,

He doesn’t!


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