Praying for the Wind

February 2, 2011

There’s a willow tree in our back yard.   It’s not actually growing in our back yard, it growing in our neighbors back yard.  But it seems like over a third of it is in our yard.  It’s got a hangover.  And a drop-over; all over the ground.  Every time the wind blows we get willow branches in our yard.  Right now most of them are sticking up like floppy flag poles all over the place.  In the fall its leaves and twigs, in the rainy season it is twigs and branches (bramble?) sticking up everywhere; and every time the wind blows we get willow waste.  It’s not as bad as maple leaves, but it looks funny, and it can’t be missed.

When the wind of the Spirit blows, I hope I end up all over the place like willow waste on a wet lawn.  OK maybe not all over the place but exactly where he wants me to go.  I hope I look like the maple leaves coming off our neighbors trees and filling the entire neighborhood.  I don’t want to be as messy as this foliage flotsam, I want to be as pervasive.  I want to be as willing as a leave in the wind when the Spirit tells me to go.  And not making a mess, but making a clean.

I don’t want to drift, or to be a drift, they get in the way.  But if I could blow into somebody’s life right when they needed me, and get out of the way just when I should, that would be OK.

I want to move in the right direction, and at the right speed, at just the right moment, that’s my prayer for today.


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