Rotten while it is still growing

January 27, 2011

Bad guys doing bad things don’t bother me nearly as much as godly people acting in ungodly manner.  It harms the reputations of all of us and confuses the seeker.  Yes I am a sinner saved by Grace, I need more Grace every day, but I still know how to make wise choices.  I still know how to pursue holiness.  And I know my public life does matter.

What may be almost as bad, maybe even worse is to see clearly ungodly people pretending to be godly, and getting away with it.  I know they won’t forever, but again, it harms the kingdom and hurts its citizens.

I’ve seen good people turn a blind eye to blatant sin because to do something would be terribly inconvenient, with the end result being many people harmed and the good person fading just a bit, if you know what I mean.

And when sin, or even plain bad behavior, like bullying, is tolerated, it allows pride to grow in the misbehaving one, which exacerbates a bad situation.  Even worse, it allows the enemy in.  (I won’t use a capital letter to describe satan, the enemy, he hasn’t earned it, and maybe it’ll tick him off.)  But I’ve seen formerly godly people succumb to this trick and nothing good comes from it.  A return is always possible, but it is painful for everyone involved.

Jesus tells us clearly that we will be known by our fruit.  Others see this behavior.  Christians weep.  Demons laugh.  Seekers question.

We can do better than this.

We must do better than this.


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