A running conversation with Charlie Brown

January 21, 2011

We have a neighbor, a street or two over who was going for a walk down our street, and as he walked he was engaged in an animated conversation.  I could hear him a half a block away, over the scraping of my snow shovel.  As he walked past me he stopped the conversation, turned his head and said in typical Western New York fashion, “Hiya.”  He then resumed his conversation.

When he turned to face me I could see clearly that he did not have a blue tooth device or cell phone which meant that his conversation was with…no, not himself.  He was talking to his giant German Shepherd, Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown is BIG, over two hundred pounds, which is too much for a German Shepherd.  Twice the size of Rin Tin Tin.   He is old, and he walks with a limp.  And he is a bit grumpy with strangers.  I guess I would be too if I was overweight and walked with a limp.  But he is a very attentive listener.

He didn’t interrupt once the whole time his master was talking.

I have to learn to listen like that.  I have several friends who are hurting, really hurting, and instead of listing I am constantly trying to think of something to say.  I probably don’t have to say a word, just listen and love. I am sure that my wisdom on the pain hurting my friends is no better than that of the silent shepherd limping down my street.  My education and background is just so much puppy chow.   Listen and love.  Hmmmm.

Funny learning that from an old, arthritic, overweight German Shepherd.  If I can learn such a lesson from a dog, just imagine what I can learn from God.

Hmmmm again.



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