Without apology (Seth’s Blog)

January 10, 2011

Seth Godin posted a blog yesterday that I shared on Facebook.

Here’ the link to it so you can share it too.  I have copied the text from the message below.  I think that’s legal… http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/01/consider-the-category-of-without-apology.html

“Consider the category of ‘without apology’

A cop with a Surefire flashlight doesn’t have to say to her partner, “I’m sorry my flashlight isn’t so bright.” It’s made without compromise for people who won’t compromise.

There are high margins in the business of high-end flatware, for people who don’t want to apologize for the lack of an asparagus fork when they have fancy company over.

One of the most vibrant segments of the stereo business is the category of products that are ridiculously expensive (and really good).

Where’s the cell phone headset that will appeal to people who don’t want to apologize for the quality of their cell phone connection?

People will go out of their way to buy and recommend products that don’t require an apology.”

As Christians this message is even more true that it is for the entrepreneurs Seth is preaching to.  We must offer our best possible whenever we are asking people to stop and listen to what we have to say, or stop and buy whatever it is we are selling.  And even if you are only a little evangelical, you are selling something, aren’t you?

So often we get into the habit of producing things that are good enough for us, when God has called us to something so much higher than that.

And it is more than just whether your worship band can sing and play on key, but it certainly includes that.  But it also includes ushers and greeters that are working in their spiritual gifts rather than just filling a space as a bulletin hander-outer.  Think that doesn’t matter?  The first church Diane and I went to after we were married was a tiny little church compared to where we had been going, but the message was good, the church was interested in kids and teens even though they only had a few of their own, so we went back.  The Head usher, Bob Chittenden remembered us and called us by name, after hearing it only once.  That church became our home church for almost twenty years.  Details like that matter.

What we offer marriages should be so much better than what the civil ceremony offers.

What we offer to the lonely should be so much better than what the local bar offers.

What we offer to the recovering should be so much better than what AA offers

What we offer to those fully engaged in their addiction should bring them to their senses.

So often what the church offers is a poor substitute for what the world, or worse, the devil offers, when in fact we should have the best of every good thing in  the world.  I’m not saying put on a better show, I saying we need to be better, live better, offer better hope for the living, not jut for our future, for our present.

Seth Godin really knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to what he does and what he offers.  As a church we should set high expectations for ourselves.  Not for our learners, not for those who are checking us out, but those of us claiming to be professionals at this ministry business should not compromise where it counts.

And it counts just about everywhere.


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