Verse five

January 9, 2011

5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

This wander through the Gospel of John may take longer than I imagined.  I am still stuck on verse five.

You see I grew up Roman Catholic and always thought that I could work my way to heaven by, well, doing more good than evil things.  Pretty basic, pretty elementary, pretty much like everyone else who is not publicly evil.

Then one day I was confronted with GRACE, unconditional LOVE and MERCY.  I realized I could never ever, ever balance the scales in my own favor, but that I didn’t have to! And I took on a whole new way of looking at things.

In time I became “A Wesleyan” and started looking at things from a slightly different perspective, but still the main lens through which I filtered things was GRACE, LOVE and MERCY.  With a little guilt thrown back in for good measure.

As I matured in my life and my faith (not always at the same time or same speed) I began to grasp the grace-love-mercy trifecta with a bent toward personal holiness.  When I say personal holiness I am clumsily trying to convey the fact that I do believe that God wants me to live a holy and to strive toward holiness, but he doesn’t want me to be the judge of your journey toward holiness.  Since it is grace, love and mercy that gets us into heaven (makes us right with God) the whole holiness thing is really about my faith journey.  Do I trust God enough to obey him?  And I think I became more grace giving, more love sharing and more merciful as I matured as a Christ-follower.  At least I hope so.

So I think I am at a place of understanding a bit more about Grace, Love, Mercy, as well as Holiness, and I bump into this verse in John, chapter two, and the Holy Spirit won’t let me leave it.

“His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’”

I think what I am learning today (tonight) is this:  If you really want to enjoy the party, if you really want this to be a swinging wedding feast, if you really want the abundant life we have been promised, th answer is simple.  “Do whatever he tells you.” .

Problem with a boss?  “Do whatever he tells you.”  (Jesus, not necessarily the boss)

Problems with a neighbor?   “Do whatever he tells you.” (Jesus, not necessarily the neighbor)

Problems with a spouse or child? “Do whatever he tells you.” (Jesus, not necessarily the spouse or child)

Problems with any human being or situation? “Do whatever he tells you.” (Jesus, not necessarily the…you get the idea)

I can have the abundant life I’ve always wanted.  I can be fruitful in business, in relationships, in my free time.  I can be a better spouse, parent, friend, neighbor, coworker, boss, employee, stranger, relative, anything, if only I can wrap my decisions around the wise choice of doing whatever He tells me.

I don’t have to.  It’s my life, my choice.  But why would I want to settle, when I can have the best.

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