12 sounds that get our attention

December 28, 2010

An empty food bowl being filled always draws a crowd (of cats) at our house.

The furnace making new and unusual noises when it is thirteen degrees outside.

A snowball hitting a tree next to your face (and the accompanying giggle).

A helicopter

A car horn or brakes squealing nearby.

The wind in the willows.  (Thank you Kenneth Grahame)

A newborn.

Ice cracking beneath your feet.

The cessation of all sounds when the power goes out.

A starship landing in your back yard.  (Don’t tell me you haven’t heard this one.)

A child or a spouse or a good friend saying, “I love you.”

A room full of children singing Oh Happy Day, Happy Day, you washed my sins away….

Are the sounds you are making getting anyone’s attention?

Are the sounds I am making getting anyone’s attention?


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