Closely Guarded Secrets.

December 4, 2010

Today I am going to share with you a closely guarded secret to losing belly fat.  Closely guarded!  Closely guarded?  Every time I turn on the computer, on virtually every page that displays banner ads, this stupid “closely guarded secret” is revealed.

One thing I know for sure: if it is on the internet, it in not closely guarded.  If they lie in their opening statement, they are not to be trusted.

I never purposely click on their page.  I have accidentally hit it once, maybe twice, but I don’t stay.  I already know the closely guarded secret – push the plate away!  Go for a run, a walk, a stroll even, instead of sitting in front of the fat producing LED screen in the family room.  (It produces fat heads as well as belly fat.)   Do you want to know a closely guarded secret to losing butt fat?  There are no secrets, only exercise and diet.  Do you want to get rid of some excess weight?  Eat less, exercise more.  That’s the secret.  Not Aciai berries, not Hydroxicut,  Not Marie Osmond or Chuck Norris.

I sometimes watch The Biggest Loser and wish I had a trainer like Bob.  But I do.   I have everything he has at my disposal.  For ten bucks a month I can have access to the best fitness equipment available.  For about the same amount I can have access to the best exercise, nutrition, and motivational literature on the planet – I know how to use the internet.  I am a pretty smart guy.  I don’t begrudge Bob and Jillian, nor any other personal trainers for making a living, sometimes a great living, being someones motivator.  I get that 100%.  But I’m not gonna put on 200 pounds for the opportunity.

I am overweight – not enough to make it onto The Biggest Loser, but enough to want to drop ten pounds – and oh, yea, it’s almost all belly fat. To lose the weight I must eat less and exercise more.  Yes I can find ways to speed up my metabolism by rearranging, and changing what I eat.  But it’s more a factor of how much for me.  How much I eat and how much I exercise.  It’s the same for you.  So discipline is also involved, and friendships, and motivation, but none of those things will cause me to lose the ten pounds, only calorie reduction and calorie burning will do it.

But of course I can’t make any money selling that idea, so if you really want to lose that belly fat (or butt fat, I can’t do anything about the fat head) respond to this post and I will help you lighten your wallet then we can talk about belly fat.


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