Tuna no-surprise

September 25, 2010

So I was getting out the can opener.  Now there are a half-dozen small appliances in the cupboard with the can opener, along with mixing bowls and a dozen other kitchen items, that would not interest a cat in the least.  But by the time I had lifted the can opener out of the cupboard and placed it on the counter top, Poppy had 1) became aware of it, even though she was sleeping,

2) roused herself from her nap,  3) stretched and yawned,  (I didn’t see this, but she always stretches and yawns when getting up from a nap, that’s how she keeps from pulling a muscle.) 4) left the room she was in and came into the kitchen,  5) put her paws up onto the cupboard and asked for the leftover tuna, which had not even been retrieved from the cupboard yet!

Now, no offense to dead trees everywhere, but Poppy is as dumb as a stump.   When you look deep into her eyes, there’s nothing there!

Yet she has the perspicacity to be aware of the can-opener -tuna-fish relationship.  How did she know I wasn’t making soup?  Spam?  Pumpkin pie?  Because I never make canned soup, I don’t eat Spam and Diane makes the pumpkin pies.  I make apple pie which doesn’t require a can opener.

This otherwise mentally deficient creature knows that when I pull out the can opener I will also pull out the tuna.

Why, oh why can I not respond to God’s voice that quickly?   He says, “Go!” and the geese take wing.  He says “Stop!” and the bears bed down for the winter.  Yet, I find myself saying “Really?  You want me to do that?” when the King of the Universe speaks into my heart.

I guess I don’t really want to be an automaton, I don’t want to be as mindless as Poppy.  But I sure wish (and pray) that I could be quicker to respond, faster to trust, earlier to action than I am currently.  I’m starting to think that it has nothing to do with how much or how often I read the Word. (Not that I will reduce my attention to that detail.)  And I don’t think it is a matter of my faith in God.  This may be an excuse, but I think perhaps I trust myself less than I used to, so I question the Unquestionable Voice in my heart (and head).  I must strive to change that behavior.

I was never in the military, but I’ve heard that one of the most important, life-saving, tide-turning lessons that those in basic training must learn is instant obedience to orders from a superior.  Well, I guess I need to go back for some basic training myself, because that is the way I want to respond to God.  Really.

I mean, I have to be able to respond at least as quickly as Poppy, don’t I?

2 Responses to “Tuna no-surprise”

  1. Beth Miller said

    THIS was absolutely delightful and precious! THANK YOU!

  2. Sue said

    God knows us thru and thru. No one knows us better than God does. He knows that there are times when we are slowly responding because we have been wounded, sometimes very, very deeply and we are recoverin. It might makes us a little more careful and even more attentive to His voice, and maybe, a little slow to understand or move. I believe, God is patient and when we need to go slow, God will give us ALL THE TIME WE NEED TO DO HIS WILL. God’s love allows time for healing, recovery and gentle leading.

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