Plan B

September 22, 2010

How many times in life have you chosen plan B?  I mean, there are lots of times when we get stuck with plan B; after plan A fails, or something goes wrong and there is no other choice but to take plan B.  But rarely is Plan B our first choice.  That why we call it Plan B. If it was our first choice it would be Plan A.

I’ve heard defense attorneys have a Plan B whereby they turn the accusation back on the one making it, casting doubt on their clients guilt or innocence.  Reasonable doubt goes a long way in a jury trial. 

I am Plan B in the minds of several churches right now, maybe even Plan C, and it doesn’t feel very good.  “If the guy we really want doesn’t work out maybe we can have another chat.”    How encouraging is that?

Kurt Warner was a Plan B kind of guy, maybe ever a Plan C or D. Another thing he and I have in common, most people thought he was too old to be of any use to the team.

Remember, Jesus wasn’t plan B.  He was with God in the beginning.  (John 1:1)  He was the Way before there was a path.   He created that which he knew he would have to redeem.  He made those for who he knew he would have to die.

If you are in unenviable position of being someone’s Plan B, know that you are still Plan A as far as God is concerned.  From the beginning he was planning on redeeming you, from the beginning he was making a way.  So even if you are not the first choice you were hoping to be,” … from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him,and his righteousness with their children’s children.”  (Psalm 103: 17)

And sometimes that love will get us through, when we let it.  You are still Plan A as far as God is concerned.


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