Pretty close

September 17, 2010

Next week Jupiter will be coming around to visit us.  Check out if you are interested.

It will only be 368 million miles away.  That’s like only four times farther away from us than the sun is, by the way, but for Jupiter, it’s pretty close.

So lately, I’ve felt like God was a lot farther away than Jupiter.  I know, I’ve even said it.  “If God feels a long way off guess who moved?”  Do you want to know something?  I’ll never say that again!  It doesn’t help anything.

So these are some things I am trying to get close to God once again.  Please add your suggestions to my list.  It will let me know someone is reading my ramblings.

How to get closer to God in no particular order:

1. Get real still and real quiet for a real long time.

2.  Get real loud.

3.  Work hard.  Harder.

4.  Don’t work at all.

5.  Listen to worship music.

6. Sing along.  Like nobody’s listening.  (Got that one from Chris T.)

7.  Read the Word.

8.  Get together with friends.

9.  Get alone.

10.  Find somebody to serve.

11.  Find somebody to love.  (Got that one from Freddie M.)

12.  Pet a cat, or 2, or 3, for a very long time.

OK.  I have some more, but frankly, nothing is working right now.  So how about some suggestions?



One Response to “Pretty close”

  1. Sue said

    Read really good blogs.
    Listen to inspired speakers.
    Thank God for everything.
    Listen to children.
    When it is a matter of being right or being kind, be kind; God will reveal Himself.

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