On cars and Christian Perfectionism

September 11, 2010

I don’t know why, but I have always been fascinated by auto company catch phrases.  The relentless pursuit of perfection was one that Lexus used for a long time.  Currently Jeep is using, The things we make make us. Cool.  But topping them all, I believe, is the new one from Mercedes Benz:  The Best or Nothing!

Any one of these would make a fine, albeit unattainable personal mission statement, or a church vision statement for that matter. Maybe it’s because, as a child I thought The Impossible Dream, from Man of La Mancha was a great song.  Maybe because perfection is something always out of my grasp regardless of what I attempt.  But I keep reaching, trying.

I think God wants our best.  Fortunately, while he doesn’t settle when he gives, he does when he receives.  Maybe his vision statement for us is, chasing the uncatchable. No, I think his mission statement for us is, I would do anything for them, even die. That’s how much I love them.

Because of that I want my mission statement to be, pursuing the unattainable – even while I know that  Christian perfection is not attainable.  Those few to have claimed to achieve it forgot about the sin of pride, and maybe even lying.  If I get there, and I doubt I will, I won’t tell anybody.  Ha!  Like I never toot my own horn.

I think the reason we don’t attain perfection is so we can keep doing what we are supposed to do, toot HIS horn.  And be thankful, grateful, and hopeful.

So I will continue on my relentless pursuit of the best or nothing (while driving a rusty minivan, not a Mercedes) and try to remember to give God the glory when I do well, and work harder when I don’t.

And be thankful, grateful, and hopeful.


One Response to “On cars and Christian Perfectionism”

  1. Sue said

    Thanks for the encouragement. I was feeling very unloved after seeing pictures of a “perfect” family, feeling the searing pain of a broken one. While I am thankful there are “perfect” families to admire, God loves the humble, broken families too. It’s a little harder to show off when you’re not up to the standard of perfection. I drive a Ford with 97K on it. Not perfect, still running!!

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