Hate the right things

September 8, 2010

To fear the LORD is to hate evil; (Proverbs 8:13)
This verse really spoke to me this morning.  Actually Diane read it first and shared it with me during our prayer time. And the verse wouldn’t leave me alone.

About ten years ago I wrote a short skit for kids worship.  I don’t remember where the inspiration came from.  It wasn’t an original idea, but I developed it into short message for kids.  For adults too, I guess.  I call it Poop Brownies.

A. Hey  what ya doing?

E. Oh, hi.  I’m making a list of all the reasons that dad should let me go see that new movie.

A. Isn’t that movie rated PG-13?  I don’t think you should see it.  I’ve heard there’s some bad stuff in it.

E. Just a little.  They only swear a five or six times, and they only misuse Jesus’ name twice.  Besides, everyone from school is going to see it.

A  Isn’t it violent?

E. Well there is some fighting, but only a three people get killed and most of the violence is done with computers, so it’s not really so bad.  Even some of the kids from church are going.  It’s only  PG-13, it’s not like it was R rated or something.  It’s just a little violent.

A. But in the preview on tv it looks like they’re taking their clothes off !  I don’t think It’s a good idea.

E. O, you don’t know anything.

A. Well I don’t think you should even ask dad.  The Bible says we should stay away from evil.

E. It’s just a little bit.  A little won’t hurt anything.   Hey, what you do you have in that bag.

A. Brownies! Do you want one?

E. Yea!! I love brownies.

She gives him a brownie and he starts to eat it…but not quite

A. I hope you like it.  I had to change the recipe a little.

E. Change it?  How?

A. Well I ran out of brown sugar, so I added a little dirt.

E. Dirt!  Yuck

A. Just a little, besides it’s the same color as the brown sugar, so you should hardly notice at all.  And I cooked them for exactly the right amount of time.  And almost all the other ingredients came right out the recipe book.

E.  Almost  all?

A. Yea,  I ran out of chocolate chips, so I substituted a few flies I got off the window sill.  Just a few.  Oh, yea,  I got the idea when I saw some dog poop in the yard.  Did you ever notice, brownies look almost exactly like dog poop.

E. Oh, get away!  I can’t believe you put dog poop in them.

A. Hardly any at all!  That way I end up with more brownies.  I only used a little.  And you said that a little bit won’t hurt anything.

E  Well I guess I was wrong.  Maybe something even a little bad is bad all the way through.

A. So you aren’t going to see that movie?

E No, you convinced me.  I won’t put garbage into my mouth, so I shouldn’t put it in my mind either.

A. I’m glad made the right choice.  You are a leader, and other kids might follow you and do the wrong thing.   I was just kidding about the brownies.  There’s no poop in them

E. Good!!! Takes a big bite  with mouth full of food asks

E  But what about the flies and the dirt?

A.  I’ll never tell.

E. Romans 8:5 says “Don’t live under the control of your sinful nature.  If you do you will think about what your sinful nature wants.  Live under the control of the Holy Spirit.  If you do you will think about what the Spirit wants.”

A.  Romans 8:6  “The way a sinful person thinks leads to death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit brings life and peace.”

Sometimes we hate the idea of missing something everyone else is enjoying.   Sometimes we think “a little” sin won’t hurt anything.  Paul repeatedly tells the Corinthian Church, as well as Timothy, to flee from sin.  He also says if we resist the devil he will flee from us.  We must not tip-toe around bad ideas, around sin.  We should hate it.

When we hate the right things we will learn to cherish the right things, and then we will be on the right road.  And we won’t have to be afraid of brownies.


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