A thousand blessings

September 5, 2010

It was a Labor Day weekend much like this.  I was at a picnic…it was a rehearsal dinner, my rehearsal dinner to be exact.  At a beautiful state park in Michigan.  I was eating a hot dog when it dawned on me.  Tomorrow night was the beginning of our honeymoon.  I had not booked a room.

Diane should have known then what she was getting into.  She was marrying an absent minded nincompoop.  Remember it was Labor Day weekend, so everyone who could was going somewhere.  Which meant every hotel in the state was already booked.  We ended up in a Holiday Inn a few miles from home overlooking an expressway.  How’s that for romance?

I am a better planner than I was thirty four years ago, but I still often resemble the absentminded professor more than I resemble Professor Know-it-all.  Diane knows me well enough now that she is as likely to ask as she is to assume, which has been a good thing more often than not.  I no longer resent those questions, I count them as just one of a thousand blessings I have received since receiving Diane as my wife.  I think maybe she has received two.

So that Labor Day weekend we only had a one or two day honeymoon.  I can’t remember exactly.  I do remember that a week or two later we booked a room in Traverse City, and had a nice couple of days vacation.

Except that I left all my clothes hanging on the back of the door back at our apartment.

And she stayed with me….

I am so blessed.


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