An extrordinary kid V

August 20, 2010

I have known Gretchen for most of her life.  But I really got to know her when she was in the second grade.  She came up to me one day and asked to be on the worship team.  At that time we used only older elementary children in that role.  But Gretchen explained that leading worship was one of her “spiritual gifts.”

Just the fact that a child this age was exploring what it meant to have spiritual gifts was a great testament to her parents, wonderful friends, who knew how to have spiritual conversations with their children.  But the fact that Gretchen could already see where her gifts fit in with her life was an extraordinary blessing to me.

Well, Gretchen was right, we put her on the team, and up till the day we left, Gretchen helped lead others in worship.  She was a valuable part of planning the worship sets as well.  She connected with God in worship and helped others, both children and adults do the same.  She also has the gift of leadership, though I don’t know that she has identified this yet.

Lord help me us my gifts to bless others the way Gretchen does.  With my whole heart.


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