An Extrordinary Kid

August 14, 2010

I remember watching kids bring up their offerings, some with a few pennies, some with a few dollars, most with change.  Most weeks we received $50-60.  About the same, percentage wise, as the adult service happening down the hall.

But then I remember Paul.  He would bring up his “kid wallet” and turn it upside down and inside out to completely empty it into the bucket.  I remember times when he even had to retrieve pictures, he so completely gave of what he had.  His mother told me that he loved offering, it was the best part of the service for him.  His parents had actually discouraged him from giving so much.  But nothing, books, games, candy, nothing gave him the satisfaction of giving to God.

Lord help me to learn to give out of my poverty as much as I give out of my wealth.  Help me have a heart like Paul.


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