A sigh from the pile

August 10, 2010

We had a yard sale a week ago, and we have left some unsold items in a pile near the door.  This morning I was working near the pile and I heard a long deep sigh.

Not being one who believes is ghosts, but not wanting to take any chances (I’m just kidding for all you realists out there.) I went to investigate.  Curled up way deep in the pile of nothing soft at all was my cat Taylor.  (He was originally named “Tailor” for his long luxurious tail, but he spends so much time in my guitar case I had to rename him Taylor.) 

There was nothing in that pile to make a cat comfortable except solitude.   No cushions, no pillows, no shoes.  (He loves to lay on shoes.)  So why was he there?  He refuses to tell me.

Sometimes we find unusual things in ordinary places.  Some times we find ordinary things in unusual places.  Sometimes what we look for is not what we expect to find nor where we expect to find  it, and sometimes we find the unexpected. 

But for life to count we must keep looking.  Even if it means looking in unexpected places.


One Response to “A sigh from the pile”

  1. Sue said

    What a totally awesome use of words. I love when words come together like that; it makes my heart fill up with joy. I will keep looking for the ordinary and even the extra-ordinary in the unusual spaces. Thanks for the encouragment. Taylor really seems to enjoy his life to the utmost. Gotta admire a cat who lives like that.

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