Good gets shared

August 8, 2010

I have a “favorite” dish that I usually make once a week.  It includes lots of garlic and onions, usually broccoli, and often Swiss Chard.  Oh, and pasta and cheese; it would just be vegetable stew with out the pasta and cheese.  One of the cool things about this dish is that as different fresh vegetables come into season, the dish changes.  And I can add chicken or tuna, or even steak if Diane is not around.

I usually make enough for two meals, and while the leftovers don’t look as fresh and appetizing as the first batch, it actually tastes better.  As the veggies marinate with one another everything gets better.  Sure the onions turn red from the chard, but both the chard and the onions are enhanced as they sit so close to each other.  Good gets shared. 

II hope that’s the kind of neighbor I am.  I want to be an onion.  Mayan or Vidalia.  I want to have a positive influence on my neighbors; one for good not ill.  One that enhances the other.  A neighbor who infuses my good traits, my God blessings into my neighborhood.

Even more important my hope is that my neighbors think more highly of Jesus because of me; that they start moving towards him because of me.  I don’t want to turn them into Wesleyans of conservatives, thought neither of those is necessarily a bad thing.  I don’t want them to be imitators of me.  I want them to follow Jesus. 

I hope my life has an impact the way Swiss Chard makes Mayan Onions red as they tumble in olive oil and garlic; the onions are still onions, they just have been positively affected.  I pray that good gets shared.

Jesus, on the other hand, he makes all things new.  When my neighbors encounter him they become new creations.  They are no longer Mayan onions, or Swiss Chard or garlic or olive oil.  They are something brand new!  Something better.

So I hope my neighbors see something in me that causes them to desire something better than me.  I hope they are marinated in the love of the Holy Spirit. 


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