August 2, 2010

The other day I listened briefly to a radio show about baseball cards and football cards; hockey cards too.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there were cards for ping pong fans.  It was “The Hobby,” all about collecting sports cards.  I lost interest rather quickly.

When I was a kid I sometimes bought baseball cards, but as often as not if was for the gum.  My fondest memory of baseball cards was not a Mickey Mantel or Harmon Killabrew rookie card;  it was getting a spring loaded clothes pin from my mom, and using it to attach a card to the fork of my bike, thus providing an engine that rattled as I rode, and slowly bent and loosened my spokes. It was so cool!

But The Hobby started my mind down a rabbit trail thinking about collecting.  Having just finished a yard sale I know I collect too many books, and probably too much music.  There have been other things I have collected in the past, some profitible, most simpy fun, for a season.  But I’m not much into collecting stuff right now; I’m more into divesting myself of things.  Diverting cash into things doesn’t satisfy. 

I’ve always thought it was wise to, “store up for myself treasures in heaven…” but have sometimes fallen into gathering things that rust and rot and mold, or simply depreciate day by day.  But lately Jesus admonition about things makes more sense than ever.

So I hope I have much less stuff a year from now than I do now, and even less in two years, and three.  And not because I have to sell stuff to pay my bills, but because I choose to give rather than collect.  Because I choose to invest in what counts, relationships, eternity, love, rather than what crumbles.

I hope to have the worlds best collection of friends.  And quality counts for more than quantity.  It won’t be the biggest, and Facebook friends may or may not count.  But I have already made a pretty good start on my collection.  The friends that have stood by me this past year are the best anyone could possibly hope for.  I hope that I can be a friend as good, corageous and true as the friends in my small but valuable collection.

Treasues in Heaven are more valuable than treasures on earth, but the treasures in my collection come from Heaven, and I value them highly.  And no, I won’t part with them for anything.


One Response to “collectables”

  1. Sue said

    I heard two really good lines from a really good pastor/teacher about “our stuff”. One is a question: “When did you start believing it was yours?” (as in God owns it and I manage it) and the other was about cars “I’m taking care of the King’s car today.” (as in God owns the car and I am the manager of the care of it). Those two lines have helped me so much over the years. This morning those two lines came to mind as I worked to give away or throw out the stuff that I (somehow) had collected on shelves in my basement. We are building a room for my children’s friends to hang out in. Getting rid of stuff to make room for friends! And so, your blog was the icing on the cake today. I feel very blessed. Thank you for putting it into the blogosphere. I wish I could connect your blog to my FB friends who love to share.

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