They are not small victories

July 27, 2010

My friend Tom posted this yesterday:  “Just found out that today is our 1,500th day of marriage!!! I love my wife :-)” I think this is totally cool, but I had to one-up him with the following:   “12,378…catch me if you can, but I’m not gonna wait for you.:)” (I hope Tom keeps track of the days.  I had to do some arithmetic.)  But my hope is that Tom looks at every single day as a milestone.  Those of us who have been blessed with a good, or even great marriage need to keep in mind that our faithfulness and fidelity is as rare as diamonds, and we need to celebrate that fact.  Not to get smug, but to remain grateful.  Not for pride, false or otherwise, but as a reminder of grace and mercy dispensed by people as well as by God.

Getting to another annual milestone is great.  There are no small victories, not in marriage.  All victories are significant, they display the power of love, the power of promises kept.

So I rejoice with Tom and Grace, and hope to continue to rejoice with them long into the future.  As they do the same for Diane and me.


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