Sand in my shorts

July 12, 2010

OK then,  I just took a step; a tiny step, but it felt like walking off a cliff.

For years I have amused myself by writing short fiction aimed at the ten-year-old still living deep within me.  Tonight, I sent some samples off to a literary agency, in the hopes that they find one or all of my works worthy of publishing.  I honestly don’t know.  Simply because I am able to amuse and hold the attention of myself doesn’t mean a child would be even moderately interested.

So I expose myself to criticisms, and possible rejection (probable rejection- one book is published for every 6,000 submitted!) for what?  Oh, yea, fame and glory, and maybe an income.

Everything, it seems, has a risk/reward element to it.  At least anything worthwhile.

Join a team, you may make friends, you may encounter conflicts.  You may do well, you may sit the bench and watch.  Quit your job, you may get set free for new and greater adventures, you may languish in limbo.

Go to the beach, hoping for a tan and a relaxing day; you might get sunburned, or worse, get sand in your shorts.

So I write, and hope someone will read, and perhaps pay to read. Or I might get rejected.  But really there is nothing to  loose except a bit of self-esteem, and the upside potential is unlimited.

As you ruminate the possibilities in from of you, don’t chew the cud of indecision too long.   Count the cost certainly, weigh your options, of course.  But then do something.  Because the risk/reward ratio for doing nothing is incalculable.

Doing something always entail risk.  So does doing nothing.

I have a cat that never faces tough decisions.  She seems pretty contented, but she doesn’t do anything that counts for anything.  If I had a choice, I’d rather go out like Elijah.  I’d rather burn out entering (or leaving) the atmosphere than to circle the stratosphere like a smoldering, spent satellite for the rest of eternity.

So, I may get rejected, or ignored.

But maybe I won’t.  I’ll risk the sand in my shorts.


2 Responses to “Sand in my shorts”

  1. pigs dont wear shorts said

    Risk … love it! Resist the resistance!

  2. Sue said

    “It’s better to burn out, then it is to rust.” Neil Young

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