Kids, how to raise parents who love each other, AND you too.

June 9, 2010

I know I have few, if any children reading my blog, but I couldn’t resist.  So I suggest you take all three of these recent posts and talk about them together as a family.  Maybe one day at a time, maybe all together for a good family discussion.  Whatever you choose to do, don’t start with the kids.

But here are my thoughts on how children can raise godly parents.

1 Don’t play your parents against each other. Working one parent against the other will always, always cause trouble in the long run.  Picking sides is dangerous at home, and trying to get one parent to pick you over your other parent is never a good idea.  Whenever possible the goal of everyone in the family should be unity, not disunity.

2.  Do at least your share. Don’t wait to be begged (or screamed at) to do what you know is your responsibility.  Most of us know what we should do and what we must do.  And most of us settle for doing the must-do list and avoiding the should-do list.  Score major brownie points (and develop character that will last your whole life) by doing what is not expected, do more than expected.  Do it without drawing attention to yourself and you will be a trusted and trustworthy person.  Do you know what you can do when your parents trust you?  Almost anything!

3.  Respect each other. Our words and actions need to be respectful.  Not only to your brothers and sisters but to your parents as well.  And eye rolling is not respectful behavior.   Your parents have been placed in their position by God, so when you disrespect your parents you are disrespecting God.  Disagree if you must be do so politely.  And obey them even when they aren’t looking.  You will be rewarded in the long run.

Parents are not always the easiest people to please, but that’s because they have to look at the big picture even when you don’t.  So trust them, love them and obey them.  Oh yea, pray for them too.


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