This week I will be weak

June 1, 2010

One spring morning, long ago we were cleaning the yard of winter-fallen leaves.  I was raking up oak leaves from our pachysandra, when all of a sudden I raked up a half dozen bunnies.  I don’t know how old they were, days possibly.  And I don’t know how well they could see.  They ran around bumping into everything withing a three foot circle of fear.  We finally got them scooped up and put back into the pachysandra, where they quickly disappeared under the leaves.

These very young, possibly blind bunnies reminded me of me sometimes.  So often, it seems I am just running around in a panic bumping into things I can’t or don’t see.   My circle is larger, but it is often bordered by nothing but fear.  It’s  like someone raked me up from the security of my own private patch of wildflowers.  I set myself on this strange course when, instead of trusting, waiting and believing, I get into the habit of panicking, rushing and doubting.  When I operate in the flesh, on my own terms, I almost always end up bumping into things.  When I operate in faith I always seem to get over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  When I walk by sight I don’t see as much as when I walk by faith.

Walking by faith lets us glimpse the victories coming our way, but just as important, it allows us to see the enemy and the obstacles for what they really are, and it allows us to see our own weaknesses in light of God’s promises and power.  When we are weak he is strong.

So, like Paul (II Corinthians 12)  I should boast in my weakness and not rely on my strength.  I should (shall) walk by faith in his light, not worrying about the guy with the big rake ready to sweep me away.  I will rely on the strength of the One who fights for me, who guides me, and who died for me.

That should be enough.


One Response to “This week I will be weak”

  1. Sue said

    Exposed, vulnerable, powerless….that’s when I need a compassionate Father the most. Thanks for this one. I’m printing it for my Fridge door a good reminder of who to put my trust in. The big powerful guy with the rake scares the life out of me!

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