Milkshake Monday (hiding from the truth)

May 25, 2010

There’s a great little family-owned burger place in town and they have a special called Milkshake Monday.  They have about a hundred flavors of milkshake, and on Mondays you can buy one and get one free.  So for the past couple of weeks good friends have met us for a dinner of milkshakes…mmm, delicious and nutritious.

What?  What!?  Their protein, carbohydrates and fat, are in almost the exactly right proportions in a glass of milk.  If you read about the Zone Diet a glass of two percent milk is just about the perfect food for weight control.

Just about.

Of course you might say, (If you really want to make me feel guilty) they also add a huge amount of free calories and carbs in the way of flavoring and all the great things they add to make milk into ice cream, which is also in the milkshake.  Plus the pure sugar (although pure is probably not the right word) in the flavoring, so the Zone is all messed up even as the flavor is enhanced to taste like just about anything you want.  So maybe Milkshake Monday is not the best choice for good health.  There are plenty of other reasons to join of friends for dinner.

But isn’t that exactly our human condition.  Since Adam (I’ll let you ladies deal with Eve) we have been trying to justify our poor choices, bad behavior, and often, outright sin.   We can take almost any behavior, regardless of how bad it is for us, how outright evil it might actually be, and find something redeeming.  It’s not as if we are capable of finding the good in others; it’s simply that we want what we want, and we have the capacity to obfuscate the truth to justify our behavior.  I think Lex Luther in Superman Returns is almost the arch-typical  human being.  Lex only looks out for number one.  He doesn’t care about anyone or anything that doesn’t satisfy his desires.  He is so much like me it’s frightening.  You too.  The only difference is we don’t have the unlimited resources, or the totally cauterized conscience.

Oh, there is one more difference.  In Superman Returns the “savior” is from another planet, and he is not without sin, and he cannot remake us in his image.

So on Mondays I will continue to have a milkshake for dinner, and on Tuesdays I will try to find a way to burn an extra 600 calories.  I can burn the calories, but for the rest of my justifications I still really, really need a Savior.  I can try to hide from the truth, but truth doesn’t go away when I cover my eyes.  No matter how much sugar I add.


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