Pray this for me, please

May 18, 2010

Paul’s prayers for the people he wrote to are so powerful, so valuable, and so applicable to us today.  Would you please pray what Paul prayed for the Colossian church, for me.   While you are at it, I’m sure you can think of others who could use these words, so don’t make it just for me. Thank you.

We have not stopped praying for you…It seems that during this past year one thing I could have learned is continuous prayer…maybe there’s still time.  Maybe it will take all my life to make all my life a prayer.

and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will… I really do want to know and to do the will of the Father.

through all spiritual knowledge and understanding. As a pastor, as a friend, as a husband, as a neighbor, as an employer, as an employee, you name it…this would make anyone better at everything.  Please pray this for me.  Spiritual knowledge and understanding beats any and every other kind of knowledge and understanding.  It is true wisdom.

And we pray this in order that you  may live a life worthy of the Lord Oh, my…if only.

and may please him in every way: not just some ways, every way.

Bearing fruit in every good work, Even when i am not working.

growing in the knowledge of God, What could be better than more knowledge of God?

being strengthened will all power All power?  All power.

according to his glorious might Not according to my strength, training, gift-mix, skills, abilities, finances….

so you may have great endurance So that we can make it through anything, even this.

and patience. Maybe tomorrow.

and joyfully giving thanks to the father. Daily, hourly, minutely.  Minutely, is that a word?  How about constantly.  I never quite got the hang of praying without ceasing, but I think it means about everything and everyone, keep in touch with the father, and be thankful, and joyful.

who has qualified you to share the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light. He has qualified me.  Not by works, lest anyone boast.

This prayer will be a journey.  Join me if you can.


One Response to “Pray this for me, please”

  1. Sue said

    Can I still come on the journey if I’m limping? You know those winds of change or destruction you wrote of and damages inflicted. I identify. I’ll pray for you guys. God is good all the time. I hear a the Song of the King in the distance. : ) Thank you for writing. It helps me thru these difficult days.

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