New old friend

May 16, 2010

When we lived in Michigan, we could get to our favorite State Park in less than ten minutes.  Of course that meant that any spare moments, that’s where we were.  We had a car with annual park stickers running down one side of the windshield and back up again.  Ten, twelve, fifteen dollars for a whole year of access, and ten minutes from home- the perfect storm.  Our favorite State Park in New York is an hour away, so we only make a few trips a year.  I think that means we appreciate it more.  Every time we go we see something new, or at least fresh.  On the other hand, in Michigan we really knew our way around, we knew when the trillium were in bloom, we knew where the pileated woodpeckers nested, we knew when and where to avoid, or to join the crowd.  On the other hand Letchworth has spots that are familiar old friends too.  Places where we can sit and think, sit and dream, sit and pray.  On the other hand Hoffmaster Park, in Michigan had seasonal events, productions, and programs that kept us coming back all year long.  The beach (400 miles of white sand people!  That’s a beach.)  in Summer, cross country skiing in the Winter; Autumn colors and Spring flowers.  On the other hand…Well I guess you get the point, we love hanging out at the State Park, wherever it is.  It’s like a new old friend.  We don’t have many, but we can’t have enough.

So, how does this compare with my relationship with God.  How about yours?  Are there old familiar places you can go to in Scripture and in conversation with the Father?  Are there new and exciting adventures every day?  Is there always that welcome back feeling when it’s time for a long chat, and always a Have I got a surprise for you today, feeling when you least expect it?  Is it new yet old, fresh yet familiar, comfortable yet invigorating?

I hope so.  His mercies are indeed new every morning.  He knows the plans he has made for us.  He has made us brand new creatures.  He knows ever hair on our head.  (I’ll bet he even knows our back hairs.  Sorry.)  If he is not as comfortable as an old pair of jeans, and as unexpected as an Aurora Borealis, as heart-warming as a visit from a great friend, and as exciting as a buzzer-beater, as close as a heartbeat and as surprising as a kid behind the door, it’s not his fault.

He’s like a new old friend every time we meet.


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