Requim for a parent

May 15, 2010

Marilyn Searcy and Becci Wood remained on this side of eternity as their mother exchanged her mortal body for an immortal one just days ago.  Marilyn eloquently and beautifully made regular journal entries, chronicling the journey to Jesus.  After her mother’s funeral Marilyn wrote the following thoughts.  It speaks of her heritage, it speaks of her future, and it speaks for itself.  I trust it will encourage and challenge you today.

“It becomes a bit startling when I realize that our parents are gone, all of our grandparents are gone, except for our 93 year old Grandma Epperly, and very quickly we have become what is left to leave the heritage for the next generation.  We can no longer rely on the counsel or wisdom of our predecessors, but rather, we are the ones now to carry on the heritage.  That is a weighty responsibility.  I pray that we are faithful and diligent to make our parents proud and our God pleased with how we carry the torch and pass it on to the next generation.”


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