The case and the cat

May 8, 2010

My Taylor has been spending too much time in its case.  So I’ve gotten it out and have been practicing more.  Unfortunately the open case (not the music) has attracted Taylor, who has now lined the case with gold and white fur.   So now Taylor is sitting in my Taylor’s case thinking he owns the thing when in fact I own the thing.  The case and the cat.

So what’s going on in your life?  Who or what is sitting in Someone else’s place.  I’m not (necessarily) talking about someone in your seat at the dinner table, although that might bring up problems of it’s own.  No.  And I’m not talking about pets and musical instruments.  Is there someone or something in the place only God belongs?  You know first place? He didn’t vacate it for anyone else, although I know we can nudge him out fairly easily.  Sometimes it’s as easy as picking up the remote control.   He’s not going to vacuum the fur off it, but I’ll bet he would like his rightful place back.

Maybe it’s work that’s in the wrong place, maybe it’s play.  Perhaps it’s a relationship.  Whatever it is, nothing belongs in the place that belongs to God.

And the funny things is, when God is where he belongs, everything else seems to fall right into place.

And nothing has white and gold fur stuck all over it.

So why not make sure nothing has taken the place that rightfully belongs to God?


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