Stone water jars

May 4, 2010

Sometimes I think it would be neat (I know that is a poor choice of words.) to be present at a public miracle.  As opposed to the countless personal miracles God is constantly doing in my life.  As opposed to the very public miracle of salvation.  As opposed to…well I guess I have been present at all kinds of miracles.

Isn’t it funny when we read a passage of scripture and think, “Wouldn’t it be neat (or cool, or fantastic or whatever superlative you are using today) to see something like…” only to realize that we have been, repeatedly?  Sometimes I think I need to be diligent students of the word only to be reminded over and over again of what God has done for me!

Anyway, back to my story.  Your story.  God’s story.  How cool would it have been to be the servant in John chapter three.  You know the one.  The guy that brings the water that has just been poured into the six stone water jars, poured because Jesus asked you to. (“Who is this Jesus?” the servants say.)  As you are carrying the water it changes into the very best wine anyone has ever tasted.  Maybe you see it change color and you almost spill it from the shock.  But maybe, because the vessel you are carrying is opaque you don’t see the color change.  (Maybe it’s white wine, but I doubt it.)  So you hand the cup to the MC, he takes a drink.  “Where have you been hiding this?  This is good! You glance around, puzzled.  You look behind you to see if anyone else is confused.  It was water, 22 seconds ago.  I just walked forty three steps from those six stone water jars, filled with water!

Oh, but then you notice, it is wine! But, but, but, but, but.   How?  Why?

It’s not till later.  A lot later, you have a lot of work to do, a lot of wine to serve, and clean up after.  After all that, you are laying on you mat hoping to get a few hours of sleep before the works starts again.  You are thinking.  Did I really see what I saw.  Yep.  Was it really Jesus that did that?  Yep.  And he said thank you to me after we filled the jugs with water?  I was there.  I almost missed it.  I was there! No one is going to believe this, but I filled those jugs myself.  I carried it, there were no tricks.  That was a real, honest to God miracle.  And I was there!!!!!


I need to know more.

The next time you are part of a miracle, treasure the moment and the memory.


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