Congress needs to shut up!

April 28, 2010

This is America.  We live in a free enterprise system, we live in a capitalist society.  The requirement, the obligation, the moral imperative of a corporation IS TO MAKE A PROFIT!!! That is the sole reason for their existence.

The reason anyone makes a product to sell is to sell it for more than the cost of producing the product.  The reason anyone offers a service to the public is to offer something of value in return for some form of remuneration.

The church is the only enterprise engaged in strictly giving something for nothing.  And even the church has costs that must be recovered if they are to continue to exist.

Congress knows this.  They are acting stupid, but almost every member of congress was a successful business person, working to make a stinking profit before they entered congress.  Most continue to find ways to make money over and above their exorbitant salaries.

Goldman Sachs has the right to make huge profits.  They have the obligation to their shareholders to do so.  By the way your 401 K probably holds Goldman Sachs stock.  Would you like it to go up?  of course you would, your not an idiot.  Tell your congressmen to shut up!  Congress is acting like a bunch of idiots, thinking we don’t know that we know what they are doing.  Congress is blathering about like a bunch of morons in the hopes of getting the votes from a few more people who don’t know how to make a living.  I am tired of it.

OK.  I feel a little better.  Now I have to contact my congressional representatives.


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