Reverse creativity

April 24, 2010

When we moved here 10 years ago the yard was hard.  It was flat and dry and barren.  Weeds outnumered grass plants, and I lost a shoe one time in a hole in the yard that you couldn’t see.

Over the course of ten years Diane has created/planted and tended several thousand square feet of  flower gardens.  People stop and stare.  Really, even when I’m not out in the yard with my shirt off.  Diane has a green thumb, she’s a Master Gardener.  We went from the ugliest yard on the block to the most welcoming and beautiful.  I helped some, but it was Diane’s vision and dream, and it was beautiful.

I say was, because today we began the job of turning our gardens back into yard.  We completely emptied one of our beautiful beds.  (After giving away and selling a large portion of our plants.)  Next week I will be turning the soil, leveling the ground and planting grass seed.  It feels like reverse creativity.  Now at 5:30 PM I am stiff all over and there is a big dirt spot where our gardens used to be.

I wonder, if, after we have taken the beautiful things that God has given us, as we corrupt it, then go to God for forgiveness, if we kind of look like that to God.  How much sin, and how much disobedience does he have to put up with before he digs everything up and starts over again, with the fresh soil of renewed faith?  How many times does he want to spray Roundup on everything and just start new, like in Genesis chapter five, only on an individual basis?

I’m glad I can trust God no matter what.  I am overjoyed at the fact that Christ died once, for all.  I’m grateful that, if we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

And I am glad he is still tending this rocky soil, growing something beautiful.  And like the rose, I can take no credit for the beauty.


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