Practice makes…

April 23, 2010

Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. (Romans 12:13)

The “sharing” part is easier when I have something to share.  Fortunatly I don’t have to share what I don’t own.  But I do need to examine my life and my gifts and share what I have. 

That, I think at least to some extent, is why I write these short essays.  It is one of he few things of value I can share at this time.  The cool thing about God (or, one of  the millions of cool things about him) is that he allows those who have to share, and those who don’t have to recieve.  And I have been on the recieving end for some time now.  I’m thinking that any day now he is going to allow me to switch roles, and i look forward to that day.

So much for sharing.  Now a word or two about hospitality.

Being married to someone with the spiritual gift of hospitality makes me acutely aware of how lacking I can be when it comes to helping folks get comfortable and relaxed.  When meeting new people I am usually more concerned about not burping on them or otherwise making a poor impression.  But what I have learned from Diane is that many people feel this way, and we we focus on making them feel comfortable we are doing the work of the church.  Additionally, this take us off our minds and puts them in their proper place.  Our minds are better used thinking good things and being hospitable to the people God has placed in our lives.

I like that the verse says “Practice hospitality.”  That means we don’g have to get it right the first time, right?  It means I can learn this habit, and get better at it.  Someday I may be as hospitible as Diane.  Unless of course she is learning at the same time, in which case I’ll never catch up.

But I’ll keep practicing.  By practicing hospitality we may be entertaining angles unaware.  We are certainly letting people see the love of God at work.  And we really can’t do much better than that.


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