more muddling around

March 20, 2010

Decades ago I spent a week as a “camp counselor” in norther Minnesota.  It rained every day.  But because it was summer and because it was – well it was camp for crying out loud – we played outside anyway.  Ultimate Frisbee in a thunderstorm.  Where and when has my youth disappeared?

Any way, this camp in MN had an unusual mud.  It wouldn’t wash out.  So all of my camp clothes, stained top to bottom, were relegated to either yard work clothes or rags.  Pretty sad when you think that most of these clothes we bought to take to camp.   But walking, running and playing in the mud makes a mess, there’s not much you can do about it.

It’s pretty common knowledge, really when you stop to think about it.  Ask any mom.  Play in the mud and your clothes get ruined.  I know some mud and some detergents react in such a way that you could make a television commercial, but most don’t.  Most mud-people-clothes interactions result in ruined clothes.

Sometimes in ruined people.

So why, I wonder, do some otherwise intelligent people walk headfirst (feet first?) into mud holes?  Short-sightedness and self-sightedness mostly.  Some stumble upon these situations accidentally, but as often as not, once they have discovered their mistake, keep wading right in.  Others seem to go looking for a puddle to jump into with as much resolve and abandon as a  six-year old; with as much regard for the consequences.  Some think, “If it’s good for pigs, it just might be good for me.”  Forgetting that pigs need mud to keep cool.  And forgetting that almost every single pig is butchered and eaten, so giving them a few moments of guilty pleasure is the least we can do.

There are those who don’t look to the future.  Some because they walk by faith and other because they can’t see beyond the end of their own nose.  There are many who are so self-absorbed that they never even notice the destruction they have wrought.  There are some who grab the Tide and hope no one notices.  But the stains remain.

Walking in mud, playing in mud, stumbling into mud, or just muddling around always results in stains.  And stains take work to remove, if they haven’t caused complete destruction and ruin.  So think twice before jumping in.  Think about the consequences, not just the “opportunity.”

I am very grateful for the Stain Lifter.  But I don’t seek new ways to test his faithfulness.


One Response to “more muddling around”

  1. Sue W. said

    Found your blog today. Enjoyed the photos and the faith stories. Excellent writing. Good counsel to get out or stay away from mud in these last two entries. Something I need to remember. I am encouraged to keep trusting God as I read. Thanks for taking the time to share. “With the measure you give it shall be given back to you; good measure, pressed down and running over.” God bless!

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