Geese don’t cheat

March 17, 2010

Driving around this morning I noticed one of the true signs of spring.  Canada Geese hanging around in pairs.  Beginning in early summer, geese are almost always seen in flocks.  Most flocks consist of a parent pair and their offspring.  Latter, as summer wanes, the flocks become multi-family affairs; its not unusual to see one hundred or more flying together.  It’s an amazing sight.

But in the spring, like now, they start to pair up…for life, if what I have read is correct.  I haven’t asked any geese, that kind of question is a bit too personal for casual acquaintances.  They live for up to twenty years, so a single monogamist pair could have hundreds of children.

They don’t have many enemies in populated areas like ours.  Sure there is an occasional fly-by shooting that takes some out, and there is the occasional goose that gets sucked into the machinations of the aerospace industry, but by-and large they live a pretty sheltered life.  Even the golf course border collies just bark and chase them away, the don’t eat them.

Well, that’s a bit of wandering from the path I started on.  I like Canada Geese.  One of my favorite facts is that geese don’t cheat.  This may be something in-bread into this so-call lower species, although it is very uncommon in most species.  I suspect, however, that geese are simply more obedient to their creator.  In the fall God simply whispers, “Fly!” and they take to the skies by the billions.  He tells them to stay together and they stay together.  Since they obey (God) so well, perhaps that is why they stay faithful.

I don’t know.  I just know that there is not much in nature that I enjoy as much as Canada Geese, whether in pairs or flocks.  They remind me (as if I need reminding) of the joys of obedience as well as the joys on monogamy.


2 Responses to “Geese don’t cheat”

  1. Ruth Dunton said

    These geese may not cheat, and that is admirable. And their flying formation is a wonder to behold. However, with no “enemies” they multiply like crazy and they are one of the meanest, messiest animals around. You have never been around them much if they are a favorit of yours.

    • tjmiller said

      They are a mess. I lived on a river’s edge for years and know the poop you have to put up with to have them around. And I know how difficult they are to control.

      Maybe that’s why I like them. The are so much like us. Grumps, poops, and pests. Yet our creator has yet to declare open season on us! And we never fly in formation unless we join the military.

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