God’s chainsaw

March 9, 2010

Pastor Todd Glendening started a message series about stewardship this past Sunday.  He talked breifly about sculptors, and mentioned the chain saw carvers at the county fair.  His anology seemed to grow  from the idea that a good artist slowly and metodically takes thinkgs off that don’t belong, and that God is at work in and on us in a similar way. 

Overall the message was very good, but I missed a few minutes of his message because I started thinking about God and his chainsaw, and the past few months seemed to come into sharper focus.  I don’t know for sure if this is where Pastor Todd was heading with his analogy, but I did mention to God that I thought it  would be OK if he put his chainsaw away for awhile.  I feel all carved up.  I may not look like anything worthwhile yet, but It feels like that saw has been cutting away at me.  Sometimes it feels like he has romoved parts that I wish he hadn’t.  But it it his chainsaw, not mine.  He knows what he is doing.

I don’t know exactly what I was supposed to learn through this process.  Stewardship is a totally different thing when your income is not your primary resource.  Words seem to be  the only thing I have a surplus of these days, I think I am a fairly good steward of those.

But back to the chainsaw for a moment.  I do believe, I must believe, that what God is leaving in his pile of sawdust is stuff he knows is holding me back.  Stuff to be thrown into the fire.  Sawdust and woodchips sometimes end up in lumber as particle board and OSB.  But I believe the bset use of chips and dust is fuel.  Fuel for the fire that will build up steam in the boiler and then produce energy.  But more importantly it will produce work.

I like what a lot of guys do with chainsaws, bears and birds especially.   While the saw is running it’s not always easy to imagine the finished product.  So I hope God is almost done with his chainsaw.  Because I know he is working on something special.


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