Sliding closer to the knot.

March 2, 2010

I was talking to a friend recently and he asked how I was doing.  My response was something like, “I’m not to the end of my rope, but I’m sliding closer to the knot.”

Have you ever been in a position where you were grateful for knots?  I remember not being able to take off my shoes because of knots.  I remember not getting a merit badge in knots.  I still can’t tie much beyond a granny knot, and she won’t hold anything.

But I’ve been on sailboats where a knot saved the day.  I’ve seen things tied things to the back of pickups where a knot saved a load.

What I have discovered is that it is not the size of the knot, but the skill  of the one who ties the knot that counts.  A properly tied knot in the right place makes all the difference.

Take a hangman’s knot for instance.  No, let’s not.  That’s a frame of mind illustration and we just don’t want to go there.

But I am grateful for the one who supplied the rope to which I am clinging.   And I am grateful for the knot.


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