OCD, perfectionism and the proofreader

March 1, 2010

I have a proofreader who spends more time proofing my writing than I do writing.  Not this blog, mind you.  (Actually she has, sometimes before and sometimes after I post them.)  She can find mistakes in things I have proofread three times, five times!  She can find the mistakes in my thoughts!

My proofreader is so thorough, so detail oriented that I sometimes wonder if she is a bit OCD.  Then I realize all of us big picture people sometimes are not so hot with the details and we just look for excuses to make fun of the detail people.

Of course my proofreader is not only razor sharp on the details, she can also dream big dreams, see the big picture and then perfect them.  She drives me crazy.  I love her.

So if you find a mistake or two in one of my blogs, that means my proofreader did not read it.


One Response to “OCD, perfectionism and the proofreader”

  1. Diane said

    I appreciate you appreciating me!
    P.S. Who’s the proof reader of the proof reader?

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