Property Condition Reports

February 17, 2010

My wife and I are in the business of buying houses at a great discount, fixing them when necessary and then selling them at a good discount.  There are a lot of things to look at and to look for, probably the most important is the Property Condition Report. It tells you what is wrong with the property and what it will take to make it livable; or in our case sellable.  Our goal is to make money and still sell the house at a price that will bless someone else as well.  The Property Condition Report helps us make some preliminary, but pretty accurate assessments and estimates as to whether or not a particular property deserves our attention.

There are some that think that a marriage should have a Condition Report so they can determine whether or not it is worth the effort to invest in their marriage.  Well the simple answer is.  Yes.  It’s almost always worth the effort. If there is no physical abuse, redemption and restoration is always possible.

One of the things we seem to forget is that God has intended for marriage to be permanent.  The best teaching tool on the planet- parents – works best when both parents are present.  The best way to learn about relationships is from a relationship.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect relationship, in fact it can’t be.  But two parents make the perfect example- of good as well as bad behavior- of how relationships are supposed to work.

Marriage is first about a husband and wife.  Children are most often a part of the equation, but not always.  So do what you can to strengthen your marriage and two adults will grow stronger and healthier, and so will your children.

Did you make a promise?  Keep it.  Did your spouse?  Hold them to it.  Does it take effort, work even?  You bet.  Is it worth it?  Without a doubt.

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