I get tired just watching

February 15, 2010

I won’t be posting a lot here in the next couple of weeks.  I’m too tired.  Watching the Olympics is a tough job.  Knowing who to cheer for is easy, but knowing when to holler at the TV is a bit trickier; I’m supposed to be a good sport too, I guess.  Staying up too late, putting off chores, I should get a medal for procrastination.  At least I’d like one of those cool hats with the moose on them.

I have skied before, thirty years ago, but that is the only sport from the Winter Games I have even attempted.  I could probably medal in bruises and free falling, but that’s about it.

So I will cheer on “youth.”  I will applaud determination and discipline…two characteristics we could all use more of.  But I will also understand if no one reads this for three weeks, you are doing something much more important.

You are watching TV.

But I hope I learn something while I am being entertained.


One Response to “I get tired just watching”

  1. kim said

    I am determined to be disciplined … finishing my read of War of Art, why are you spending time reading this comment? The Olympics are going on?

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