Dents in the carpet

February 11, 2010

While vacuuming I noticed for the five-thousandth time all the dents left in the carpet from our furniture.  The big pieces, like the sofa, leave deep lasting depressions.  The smaller pieces leave smaller, but still significant dimples.  If I were to move the piano the dents would remain for months.

As I was doing this the thought occurred to me  –  I think from the Holy Spirit-No Knee Dents.

No where on the carpet is there any indication that I spend any time on my knees.

No where.  Not in any corner of any room.  So I thought another thought.  Or I thinked a think as Dr. Suess would say.  What are the indications that this is a home of believers?  Sure there is a Bible- lots of them in fact.  But even most non-Christ- Followers have a Bible laying around somewhere.

What about my television?  My laptop?  If I had some kind of spy ware on the computer, could the spy tell I was a Christian?

But back to the dents, or lack thereof.  I could easily say that just because there are no dents doesn’t mean I don’t pray; because I do.  Usually sitting down.

But I believe those nudges from the Holy Spirit are for a reason.  So I have to think about how much time I spend face-down before God.  All Old Testament leaders who served God spent at least some time on their knees.  I don’t remember one story from the entire Bible where anyone had a conversation with God from their sofa, with their television muted.

So maybe I need to kneel more.  May a few callouses would do me good.

I’m not going to make any promises.  Even if I did I wouldn’t give you a way to check up on me.  But I think I must take the time, while I still can, and fall before the king.

Maybe I will be able to see and hear better from there.


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