Doodling with words

February 5, 2010

I am not an artist.  I have never created a painting or drawing or sculptor worthy of praise.  Mrs. Holmes, my Kindergarten teacher showed me how to finger paint, and I liked her demonstration (on my paper) so well that I took it home instead of trying to be creative with it myself.

In almost any class that I have taken since high school you will see doodles on my class notes.  Sometimes they are only in the corner, sometimes they take up a vast portion of the page.  The interesting thing about my doodles is they help me remember the class, or conversation better.  I can see the entire page in my mind, the doodles, as well as the notes.  So if I bother writing anything important down, my doodles will help me remember them better.  Doodling is a great mnemonic device for me.  (That’s a mental trick I could teach myself so I don’t have to look up words like mnemonic, but I didn’t so I must.)  I remember better when I doodle.

Not being blessed with great art skills nor a eidetic memory I use doodles to help me remember and to express myself with something other than words.  But if I really want to get creative, I find myself doodling with words, hence, I blog.

When several days have past and you haven’t seen anything on these pages, I have been wrestling with something, or with nothing, that I can’t put into words for a civil society.  On the other hand, there are some days I want to post several times in the same day, the creativity is flowing; even if nothing coherent is put onto the page.  So there are days that I can write creatively and people like you enjoy or grow, or just stop and think a minute.  Yet it took me over ten years to tell Bob’s story, and I don’t know if more than a dozen people will ever see it.  Actually that’s not entirely true;  if no publisher picks it up I will serialize it and you will be stuck reading it.

I hope The Last Dragon in Michigan is more than just doodling with words, but I’m not so sure that it’s not.  But even if it is, Bob helped me think better, and process life better for a while.  So doodling is not a bad thing.


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